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Michigan Antiques Directory Product Line
Our product line is streamlined and designed to give your business maximum exposure on the Internet for minimal cost.
We have a Mini Web Site - an Internet Store Front, a Full Featured Business Listing - an Internet Billboard, a Vendor Listing and our Event Listing.
Full Featured Business Listing
$79 per year

This is the backbone of your advertising piece on the Michigan Antiques Directory and everyone should have one. It is your "Internet Billboard".
All the information your potential customers need to find you is packed into a Business Listing.

The features of a Full Featured Business Listing are:
· Name, address and phone.
· Detailed directions to your store.
· Links to your website, email and Google Maps.
· Dealer count, Size of your store (how much time will they need to give your store justice?)
· Catchy phrase about your store.
· Large text area to describe your business and provide keywords for Internet search engines.
· Store front photo
· Hours

Notice all of the above features within the listing to the right.

Updates can be made at any time for no extra charge. Just send an email describing the changes you would like to make. The subscription term is one year.

We invite you to set up and view a sample of your business listing with no obligation.

Mini Web Site
$119 per year

A MAD Mini Web Site is a powerful one-page site that provides your business with a visual presence on the Internet, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional website. A Mini Web Site can become your "Internet Store Front" where you let people get a taste of your store from the comfort of their homes.

Take a moment and check out a few of the Mini Web Sites we have done for our clients. The Wooden Shoe Antique Mall is a nice example, as is the site we did for Harvest Antiques, Collectibles & Home Decor.

The features of a Mini Web Site are:
· A slide show of the interior of your store.
· A picture of your storefront and sign.
· Links to Email and Google Maps.
· A large text area to describe your business and provide keywords for Internet search engines.

A Business, Vendor or Event Listing is required for a Mini Web Site. The subscription term is one year.
There is also a one time $50 non-refundable set-up fee.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a Mini Web Site for your business. We will be happy to assess your situation, tailor the website to your needs and answer any questions you may have without obligation. Custom web sites are available.

Vendor Listing
$39 per year

Our Vendor Listing is for dealers who rent space within a mall or vendors who possibly operate an antique/collectibles business or service. This product is not for mall/store owners. You will find these listings along the right hand side of the page of the city where they are located. Of course, dealers and cottage businesses are more than welcome to purchase Business Listings. Businesses that service antique owners can also purchase this type of listing.

The features of a Vendor Listing are:
· Name of business.
· Address and / or PO box.
· Links to website and email.
· Phone number.
· Type image
· Nice description.

Notice these features within the Dealer Listing to the right.

This type of listing is smaller than a Business Listing. It is a very good link point to a website. Updates can be made at any time for no extra charge. Just send an email or use our toll-free number to make changes. The subscription term is one year. Please contact us to set up your Dealer / Vendor Listing.

Event Listing
$69 per location

Our Event Listing promotes antique shows, events, markets and special auctions. Your event will be displayed within the city and county it is found.

Each event will also be listed within the month(s) it occurs on our Events Calendar (upto 6 entries). The monthly calendar will identify the cities in which events are taking place on the dates of those events.

The features of an Event Listing are:
· Event type and small image.
· Event title, address and phone number.
· Links to your website, email and Google maps.
· Description.
· Event date and times.