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St. Clair County

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  Algonac Antique Mall  1031 St. Clair River Dr  Algonac 48001  Phone: (810) 794-4455   upgrade
Algonac Michigan Antiques, Algonac Antiques, Algonac Antique Malls, Algonac Antique Stores, Algonac Michigan Collectibles, Algonac Collectibles Mall, Algonac Collectibles Store
  Avoca Antiques  8878 Avoca Rd  Avoca 48006  Phone: (810) 324-9177   upgrade
Avoca Michigan Antiques, Avoca Antiques, Avoca Antique Malls, Avoca Antique Stores, Avoca Michigan Collectibles, Avoca Collectibles Mall, Avoca Collectibles Store
  Teichow's Treasures  7838 Norman Rd.  Fargo 48006  Phone: (810) 324-2895   upgrade
Fargo Michigan Antiques, Fargo Antiques, Fargo Antique Malls, Fargo Antique Stores, Fargo Michigan Collectibles, Fargo Collectibles Mall, Fargo Collectibles Store
Marine City
  Antique Warehouse - Marine City  105 Fairbanks St  Marine City 48039  Phone: (810) 765-1119   upgrade
  Back Porch Antiques   550 Broadway St  Marine City 48039  Phone: (810) 765-7122   upgrade
  Broadway Antiques  311 Broadway St.  Marine City 48039  Phone: (810) 765-5550   upgrade
  Nepenthe  338 S Water St  Marine City 48039  Phone: (810) 765-6843   upgrade
  Old Times 'N' Such  213 Broadway St.  Marine City 48039  Phone: (810) 765-9577   upgrade
  Vera Grace Emporium  229 Broadway St.  Marine City 48039  Phone: (810) 650-5576   upgrade
  Water Street Antiques  412 S Water St.  Marine City 48039  Phone: (810) 765-4822   upgrade
Marine City Michigan Antiques, Marine City Antiques, Marine City Antique Malls, Marine City Antique Stores, Marine City Michigan Collectibles, Marine City Collectibles Mall, Marine City Collectibles Store
Port Huron
  Everything Classic Antiques & Artisan Row  315 Huron Ave  Port Huron 48060  Phone: (810) 730-4900   upgrade
  Green Gables Antiques  1507 Military St  Port Huron 48060  Phone: (810) 985-8397   upgrade
  John M. Gram    Port Huron 48060  Phone: (810) 334-2824   upgrade
  Yesterday's Treasures  4490 Lapeer Rd  Port Huron 48060  Phone: (810) 982-2100   upgrade
Port Huron Michigan Antiques, Port Huron Antiques, Port Huron Antique Malls, Port Huron Antique Stores, Port Huron Michigan Collectibles, Port Huron Collectibles Mall, Port Huron Collectibles Store
St. Clair
  Big River Antiques   201 N Riverside Dr.  St. Clair 48079  Phone: (810) 329-0828   upgrade
St. Clair Michigan Antiques, St. Clair Antiques, St. Clair Antique Malls, St. Clair Antique Stores, St. Clair Michigan Collectibles, St. Clair Collectibles Mall, St. Clair Collectibles Store
  Inspired By Nature  4773 Atkins Rd  Wadhams 48049  Phone: (810) 984-8605   upgrade
Wadhams Michigan Antiques, Wadhams Antiques, Wadhams Antique Malls, Wadhams Antique Stores, Wadhams Michigan Collectibles, Wadhams Collectibles Mall, Wadhams Collectibles Store
  Annual Michigan Chapter Antique & Classic Boat Show
1999 Pointe Tremble Rd  Algonac 48001
Phone: (248) 391-1826   upgrade
  Antique Yard Sale Trail
Algonac to Port Austin  Marine City 48060
Phone: (810) 324-2895   upgrade
  Marine City Antique Show
Historic Downtown  Marine City 48039
Phone: (810) 765-3568   upgrade