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Eaton County

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Eaton Rapids
  Basket Case  217 S. Main St  Eaton Rapids 48827  Phone: (517) 663-6100   upgrade
  Pocket Change Coin Shop  121 S Main St  Eaton Rapids 48827  Phone:  (517) 663-7701   upgrade
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Grand Ledge
  Lambs' Gate Antiques  208 S. Bridge St.  Grand Ledge 48837  Phone: (517) 627-6811   upgrade
Grand Ledge Michigan Antiques, Grand Ledge Antiques, Grand Ledge Antique Malls, Grand Ledge Antique Stores, Grand Ledge Michigan Collectibles, Grand Ledge Collectibles Mall, Grand Ledge Collectibles Store
  Saturday's Shoppe  214 West Main Street  Potterville 48876  Phone: (517) 285-6247   upgrade
Potterville Michigan Antiques, Potterville Antiques, Potterville Antique Malls, Potterville Antique Stores, Potterville Michigan Collectibles, Potterville Collectibles Mall, Potterville Collectibles Store
  Stanton's Auctioneers  144 S. Main St.  Vermontville 49096  Phone: (517) 726 0181   upgrade
Vermontville Michigan Antiques, Vermontville Antiques, Vermontville Antique Malls, Vermontville Antique Stores, Vermontville Michigan Collectibles, Vermontville Collectibles Mall, Vermontville Collectibles Store
  The Whistle Shop
  Eaton Rapids 48827
Phone: (248) 694-1952   upgrade
  Potterville Antique Show
422 N. High St.  Potterville 48876
Phone: (586) 214-3784   upgrade