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Kent County

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Grand Rapids, located 40 miles east of Lake Michigan on the Grand River, is the 2nd largest city in the state and the largest in West Michigan. A city of this size should have many antique, vintage, repurposed & collectible stores - and it does!

  Caledonia Vintage Marketplace  9968 Cherry Valley Rd  Caledonia 49316  Phone: (616) 891-1918   upgrade
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Cedar Springs
  The Cedar Chest  61 N Main St  Cedar Springs 49319  Phone: (616) 696-3876   upgrade
  The Curiosity Shoppe Antiques  14111 White Creek Ave., Suite G  Cedar Springs 49319  Phone: (616) 696-3696   upgrade
  The barn vintage decor & consignment  6 South Main St  Cedar Springs 49319  Phone: (616) 240-3080   upgrade
Cedar Springs Michigan Antiques, Cedar Springs Antiques, Cedar Springs Antique Malls, Cedar Springs Antique Stores, Cedar Springs Michigan Collectibles, Cedar Springs Collectibles Mall, Cedar Springs Collectibles Store
Comstock Park
 Pinky's Place - Antique and Artisan Market
4790 Alpine NW  Comstock Park 49321
Alpine Ave. at Alpine Church Rd.
Phone: (616) 419-4421
Display Area: 12000 sq.ft.
Dealers: 125

Monday - Saturday 9:30am-6:30pm
Sunday 11am-4pm
Closed Monday
More than just an antique store!
Antiques, vintage, retro, collectibles, furniture (distressed, repurposed, shabby chic), home decor, glassware, unique art, handcrafted items, seasonal, gifts, jewelry, quilts, local food items and much more! Also, hub to Pinky's Palace (non-profit dedicated to raising funds and awareness for those affected by Dementia).
Comstock Park Michigan Antiques, Comstock Park Antiques, Comstock Park Antique Malls, Comstock Park Antique Stores, Comstock Park Michigan Collectibles, Comstock Park Collectibles Mall, Comstock Park Collectibles Store
Grand Rapids
 Argos Book Shop
1405 Robinson Rd SE  Grand Rapids 49506
From I-196 take Fuller S. to Lake Drive
Phone: (616) 454-0111
Display Area: 2000 sq.ft.

Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 12 noon - 3pm
Grand Rapids' Oldest and Largest Used Book Shop! 1000's of Used and Rare Books and Comics!
Since 1975, Argos Book Shop has been selling antiquarian, vintage, and gently used books. We have in stock a wide variety of fiction, as well as nonfiction including history, biography, religion, local yearbooks, vintage magazines and much, much more. We also carry graphic novels as well as used and new comic books. Additionally, we carry a complete selection of display and storage supplies for hardcover and paperback books, graphic novels, comic books, and many other collectibles. Visit our website for more information.
 Century Antiques
445 Century SW  Grand Rapids 49503
Former Sligh Furniture Factory S. end of Downtown
Take Franklin St. Exit (83-B) off US-131
Phone: (616) 233-4000

Tuesday - Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday 12 noon to 5pm
Closed Monday
West Michigan's Source for Great Antiques!
We carry a variety of antiques and vintage collectibles such as furniture, toys, pottery, glass, textiles, paper, metal, home furnishings, costume jewelry, military, advertising and much, much more. We also buy items and do consignments.
 Warehouse One
449 Century SW  Grand Rapids 49503
Corner of Century and Logan
Take Franklin St. Exit (83-B) of US-131
Phone: (616) 235-9292
Display Area: 25000 sq.ft.

Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 12 noon - 5pm
Closed Monday
Located in the old warehouse on the corner of Century and Logan, our popular antique shop is under new management and the owners are hoping to bring the business -- if not the merchandise -- into the 21st century. You will find a variety of items; antiques and collectibles, automotive supplies, clothing for the entire family, electronics, fashion accessories, hardware, health and beauty supplies, home furnishings and gifts, jewelry outerwear, toys and much more.
  Alexander's Awesome Antiques  1204 Leonard St NW  Grand Rapids 49504  Phone: (616) 456-9109   upgrade
  Amaryllis Antiques and Interiors  944 E. Fulton St  Grand Rapids 49503  Phone: (616) 451-3019   upgrade
  Bluedoor Antiques and Elements  946 E. Fulton St.  Grand Rapids 49503  Phone: (616) 456-7888   upgrade
  Captain Bizzaro's Treasure World  442 Leonard NW  Grand Rapids 45904  Phone: (616) 805-5840   upgrade
  City Antiques Resale Boutique  954 E. Fulton St.  Grand Rapids 49503  Phone: (616) 776-5500   upgrade
  Eastown Antiques  1515 Lake Dr SE  Grand Rapids 49506  Phone: (616) 776-1076   upgrade
  Grand Rapids Auction House  446 Grandville Ave.  Grand Rapids 49503  Phone: (616) 356-1379   upgrade
  Heartwood  956 Cherry St. SE  Grand Rapids 49503  Phone: (616) 454-1478   upgrade
  Heaven's Treasury  1200 Leonard St. SW  Grand Rapids 49504  Phone: (616) 855-8875   upgrade
  Heirloom House Antiques  505 Lakeside Dr. SE  Grand Rapids 49506  Phone: (616) 454-0411   upgrade
  Jade Rare Coin  200 Ottawa Ave Nw  Grand Rapids 49503  Phone: (616) 742-0134   upgrade
  Lost & Found  445 Century Ave SW  Grand Rapids 49503  Phone: (616) 732-3401   upgrade
  Merring's Prints & Maps  1035 Farnsworth Ave SE  Grand Rapids 49546  Phone: (616) 723-2378   upgrade
  Redux Books  1349 Lake Drive SE  Grand Rapids 49506  Phone: (616) 742-2665   upgrade
Grand Rapids Michigan Antiques, Grand Rapids Antiques, Grand Rapids Antique Malls, Grand Rapids Antique Stores, Grand Rapids Michigan Collectibles, Grand Rapids Collectibles Mall, Grand Rapids Collectibles Store
  Changing Thymes  4165 Chicago Dr. SW  Grandville 49418  Phone: (616) 534-7948   upgrade
  Changing Thymes   2900 Wilson Ave  Grandville 49418  Phone: (616) 534-7948   upgrade
Grandville Michigan Antiques, Grandville Antiques, Grandville Antique Malls, Grandville Antique Stores, Grandville Michigan Collectibles, Grandville Collectibles Mall, Grandville Collectibles Store
Kentwood Michigan Antiques, Kentwood Antiques, Kentwood Antique Malls, Kentwood Antique Stores, Kentwood Michigan Collectibles, Kentwood Collectibles Mall, Kentwood Collectibles Store
  Collector's Korner  218 W. Main St.  Lowell 49331  Phone: (616) 821-9232   upgrade
  Flat River Antique Emporium  216 W. Main St.  Lowell 49331  Phone: (616) 897-2500   upgrade
  Flat River Cottage  317 E. Main St.  Lowell 49331  Phone: (616) 897-8601   upgrade
  Journeys Time Antiques  209 W. Main St.  Lowell 49331  Phone: (616) 897-0100   upgrade
  North Star Antiques  211 W. Main St.  Lowell 49331  Phone: (616) 897-0898   upgrade
Lowell Michigan Antiques, Lowell Antiques, Lowell Antique Malls, Lowell Antique Stores, Lowell Michigan Collectibles, Lowell Collectibles Mall, Lowell Collectibles Store
Rockford Michigan Antiques, Rockford Antiques, Rockford Antique Malls, Rockford Antique Stores, Rockford Michigan Collectibles, Rockford Collectibles Mall, Rockford Collectibles Store
  Around The Corner Antiques & Collectibles  203 E. Division  Sparta 49345  Phone: (616) 887-1927   upgrade
Sparta Michigan Antiques, Sparta Antiques, Sparta Antique Malls, Sparta Antique Stores, Sparta Michigan Collectibles, Sparta Collectibles Mall, Sparta Collectibles Store
  Closet Case  4160 Lake Michigan Drive  Standale 49534  Phone: (616) 365-5550   upgrade
Standale Michigan Antiques, Standale Antiques, Standale Antique Malls, Standale Antique Stores, Standale Michigan Collectibles, Standale Collectibles Mall, Standale Collectibles Store
Wyoming Michigan Antiques, Wyoming Antiques, Wyoming Antique Malls, Wyoming Antique Stores, Wyoming Michigan Collectibles, Wyoming Collectibles Mall, Wyoming Collectibles Store
  APS Stamp Show
303 Monroe Ave  Grand Rapids 49503
Phone: (814) 933-3803   upgrade
  Grand Rapids Comic-Con
303 Monroe Ave NW  Grand Rapids 49503
Phone: (616) 281-5930   upgrade
  Heintz Restoration & Finishing
Plainfield & Leonard  Grand Rapids 49505
Phone: (616) 328-7258   upgrade
Maxima Restoration
  Grand Rapids 49546
Phone: (616) 455-2496
  Expert repair and restoration of Oriental carpet and Kilim. We also sell Oriental carpets.
  Vintage Street Market
435 Ionia Ave. SW  Grand Rapids 49503
Phone: (616) 516-2224   upgrade
  West Michigan Antique Bottle Club Show
2327 Wilson, SW  Grand Rapids 49503
Phone: (616) 667-0214   upgrade
  Legacy Estate Sale Services
1000 Slobey SE  Kentwood 49508
Phone: (616) 531-7770   upgrade
  Lowell Harvest Celebration
225 S Hudson St   Lowell 49331
Phone: (616) 897-9161   upgrade
Rick A. Overway
  Rockford 49341
Phone: (616) 334-0430
  Buying: Herman Miller Furniture 1940-70's, clocks, posters, advertising items, prototypes, Howard Miller Clocks 1940-60's, wall shelving, lighting, cabinets and other items.
  Annual Riverbend Model Railroad Club Show
5625 Burlingame Ave  Wyoming 49509
Phone: (616) 291-7732   upgrade
  Military Antiques Show
5830 Clyde Park SW  Wyoming 49509
Phone: (269) 214-2797   upgrade