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Berrien County

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 Apparel from the Past
638 E. Shawnee Rd  Baroda 49101
2.5 mi SE of Baroda
Phone: (269) 422-1382

I try to keep the same hours as
Shawnee Road Antiques but always call
ahead to make sure the vintage clothing area is
open and express if you need extended hours
A quaint Victorian storefront inside Shawnee Road Antiques' blue barn houses over 2000 women's vintage and antique dresses, coats, hats, lingerie, bathing suits, purses and shoes from the late 1800 to mid 1900 time period. I'm always interested in buying antique and vintage clothing.
 Shawnee Road Antiques
638 E Shawnee Rd  Baroda 49101
2.5 mi SE of Baroda
Phone: (269) 422-1382

April - November
Daily 1pm - 5pm
(Open early and closed late most days)
December - March
Chance or appointment
(open 90% of the time & most weekends)
SW Michigan's Oldest and Largest Private Shop
Three large buildings and more filled with antiques that have been supplying collectors & dealers since 1969. You'll find 300 pieces of furniture, 1820 to 1920, refinished & as found. Thousands of small items - country to formal, Victorian to Art Deco. Lots of charm & uniqueness in all the buildings which includes the best outhouse ever with its crystal chandelier. Visit the Main Shop for finer furniture & small items and the White Barn for country & primitive items. The Blue Barn has furniture & outdoor antiques, along with a Victorian Storefront filled with women's vintage clothes & accessories. Visit the little red barn where everything is 50% off everyday & a vintage blue semi-trailer for the do it yourselfers that can let their imagination go wild in the Parts Department. We're located in the wooded hills along Shawnee Road halfway between Bridgman & Berrien Springs, which is centrally located to 8 wineries. Call ahead for extended hours.
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Benton Harbor
  Good Old Times Antiques  3076 E Napier Ave  Benton Harbor 49022  Phone: (269) 925-8422   upgrade
Benton Harbor Michigan Antiques, Benton Harbor Antiques, Benton Harbor Antique Malls, Benton Harbor Antique Stores, Benton Harbor Michigan Collectibles, Benton Harbor Collectibles Mall, Benton Harbor Collectibles Store
  Lake Street Antiques & Collectibles  4383 Lake Street  Bridgman 49106  Phone: (269) 266-7265   upgrade
  Rideout Antiques  4369 Lake St  Bridgman 49106  Phone: (269) 465-6855   upgrade
Bridgman Michigan Antiques, Bridgman Antiques, Bridgman Antique Malls, Bridgman Antique Stores, Bridgman Michigan Collectibles, Bridgman Collectibles Mall, Bridgman Collectibles Store
  Eye of the Beholder Antiques  283 N. Paw Paw St.  Coloma 49038  Phone: (269) 468-7626   upgrade
  Great Lakes Antique Mall  210 Ryno Rd  Coloma 49038  Phone: (269) 468-3208   upgrade
  J & W Model Trains  6450 Becht Rd E  Coloma 49038  Phone: (269) 468-5586   upgrade
  Mattson's House of Decor  6472 Paw Paw Ave  Coloma 49038  Phone: (269) 468-7953   upgrade
Coloma Michigan Antiques, Coloma Antiques, Coloma Antique Malls, Coloma Antique Stores, Coloma Michigan Collectibles, Coloma Collectibles Mall, Coloma Collectibles Store
  Twobirds Onestone  201 Hamilton St  Dowagiac 49047  Phone: (269) 782-7846   upgrade
Dowagiac Michigan Antiques, Dowagiac Antiques, Dowagiac Antique Malls, Dowagiac Antique Stores, Dowagiac Michigan Collectibles, Dowagiac Collectibles Mall, Dowagiac Collectibles Store
  Dunes Antique Center  13560 Red Arrow Hwy  Harbert 49115  Phone: (269) 449-4103   upgrade
  Harbert Antique Mall  13887 Red Arrow Highway  Harbert 49115  Phone: (269) 469-0977   upgrade
  Marco Polo Antiques  13565 Red Arrow Hwy  Harbert 49115  Phone: (269) 469-6272   upgrade
  Millie's Antiques  13815 Red Arrow Hwy  Harbert 49115  Phone: (269) 231-5110   upgrade
Harbert Michigan Antiques, Harbert Antiques, Harbert Antique Malls, Harbert Antique Stores, Harbert Michigan Collectibles, Harbert Collectibles Mall, Harbert Collectibles Store
  Charm Cottage  14906 Red Arrow Hwy  Lakeside 49116  Phone: (269) 469-4100   upgrade
  Lakeside Antiques  14866 Red Arrow Hwy  Lakeside 49116  Phone: (269) 469-4467   upgrade
Lakeside Michigan Antiques, Lakeside Antiques, Lakeside Antique Malls, Lakeside Antique Stores, Lakeside Michigan Collectibles, Lakeside Collectibles Mall, Lakeside Collectibles Store
New Buffalo
  The Barn Antiques  510 E Buffalo St  New Buffalo 49117  Phone: (269) 469-0333   upgrade
New Buffalo Michigan Antiques, New Buffalo Antiques, New Buffalo Antique Malls, New Buffalo Antique Stores, New Buffalo Michigan Collectibles, New Buffalo Collectibles Mall, New Buffalo Collectibles Store
  Four Flags Antique Mall  218 North 2nd St  Niles 49120  Phone: (269) 683-6681   upgrade
  Main Street Antique Mall  109 E Main St  Niles 49120  Phone: (269) 684-9393   upgrade
  Michiana Antique Mall  2423 S. 11th St.  Niles 49120  Phone: (269) 684-7001   upgrade
  Picker's Paradise Antique Mall   2809 South 11th St  Niles 49120  Phone: (269) 683-6644   upgrade
Niles Michigan Antiques, Niles Antiques, Niles Antique Malls, Niles Antique Stores, Niles Michigan Collectibles, Niles Collectibles Mall, Niles Collectibles Store
  You'll Go GAGA!  4040 Fikes Road  Riverside 49022  Phone: (269) 849-0968   upgrade
Riverside Michigan Antiques, Riverside Antiques, Riverside Antique Malls, Riverside Antique Stores, Riverside Michigan Collectibles, Riverside Collectibles Mall, Riverside Collectibles Store
  Go Fish  5857 Sawyer Road  Sawyer 49125  Phone: (269) 405-1174   upgrade
  Sawyer Antique Mall  12825 Red Arrow Highway  Sawyer 49125  Phone: (269) 405-1063   upgrade
  Stewart James Antiques & Galleria  12619 Red Arrow Hwy  Sawyer 49125  Phone: (269) 426-3133   upgrade
Sawyer Michigan Antiques, Sawyer Antiques, Sawyer Antique Malls, Sawyer Antique Stores, Sawyer Michigan Collectibles, Sawyer Collectibles Mall, Sawyer Collectibles Store
  Virgo Antique Shop  4106 River Rd  Sodus 49126  Phone: (269) 313-2719   upgrade
Sodus Michigan Antiques, Sodus Antiques, Sodus Antique Malls, Sodus Antique Stores, Sodus Michigan Collectibles, Sodus Collectibles Mall, Sodus Collectibles Store
St. Joseph
  Anvil Antiques  3439 Hollywood Rd  St. Joseph 49085  Phone: (269) 429-5132   upgrade
  Days of Yore Antiques  215 State St  St. Joseph 49085  Phone: (269) 983-4144   upgrade
  Elephants Breath Antiques  203 State St  St. Joseph 49085  Phone: (269) 982-5210   upgrade
  State Street Antiques  410 State St  St. Joseph 49085  Phone: (269) 983-7422   upgrade
  The Blue Delphinium  1040 E John Beers Rd   St. Joseph 49085  Phone: (269) 429-3182   upgrade
St. Joseph Michigan Antiques, St. Joseph Antiques, St. Joseph Antique Malls, St. Joseph Antique Stores, St. Joseph Michigan Collectibles, St. Joseph Collectibles Mall, St. Joseph Collectibles Store
Three Oaks
  Blais Design  1 Oak St  Three Oaks 49128  Phone: (269) 783-5335   upgrade
  Ipso Facto  1 Ash St W  Three Oaks 49128  Phone: (269) 756-3404   upgrade
  Trilogy Antiques & Design  19 S. Elm  Three Oaks 49128  Phone: (269) 756-3300   upgrade
Three Oaks Michigan Antiques, Three Oaks Antiques, Three Oaks Antique Malls, Three Oaks Antique Stores, Three Oaks Michigan Collectibles, Three Oaks Collectibles Mall, Three Oaks Collectibles Store
  Annette's Antiques  340 N Main St  Watervliet 49098  Phone: (269) 463-8002   upgrade
  Bob's Hobby & Collector Shop  115 N Main St  Watervliet 49098  Phone: (269) 463-7452   upgrade
Watervliet Michigan Antiques, Watervliet Antiques, Watervliet Antique Malls, Watervliet Antique Stores, Watervliet Michigan Collectibles, Watervliet Collectibles Mall, Watervliet Collectibles Store
Jerry Krenk Antiques
  Coloma 49038
Phone: (269) 679-4616
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  Our inventory consists of quality oak furniture - dining tables, chairs, bookcases, buffets, cabinets and includes Mission and a variety of unique pieces - spool cabinets, drafting tables, counters and workbenches. We specialize in Robbins Dining Tables that were made in Michigan in the early 1900's. These tables feature self-storing leaves and extend to 10 feet. We have booths in Great Lakes Antique Mall in Coloma and Elephant Breath's Antiques in St. Joseph. We also do a variety of shows. Please see our website for more information.
  Antiques on the Bluff
201 Lake Boulevard  St. Joseph 49085
Phone: (269) 985-1111   upgrade