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Leelanau County

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  Northern Boater  9044 S Cedar Rd  Cedar 49621  Phone: (231) 944-2944   upgrade
Cedar Michigan Antiques, Cedar Antiques, Cedar Antique Malls, Cedar Antique Stores, Cedar Michigan Collectibles, Cedar Collectibles Mall, Cedar Collectibles Store
  The Miser's Hoard  10126 W. Front St.  Empire 49630  Phone: (231) 326-6081   upgrade
Empire Michigan Antiques, Empire Antiques, Empire Antique Malls, Empire Antique Stores, Empire Michigan Collectibles, Empire Collectibles Mall, Empire Collectibles Store
  Good Old Books  305 River St  Leland 49654  Phone: (231) 256.2396   upgrade
  Tampico  112 N. Main St  Leland 49654  Phone: (231) 256-7747   upgrade
Leland Michigan Antiques, Leland Antiques, Leland Antique Malls, Leland Antique Stores, Leland Michigan Collectibles, Leland Collectibles Mall, Leland Collectibles Store
Maple City
  Chestnut Hollow  962 W Ryant Rd  Maple City 49664  Phone: (231) 228-7661   upgrade
  Maple City Trading Post  8615 S Maple City Rd  Maple City 49664  Phone: (313) 881-9694   upgrade
Maple City Michigan Antiques, Maple City Antiques, Maple City Antique Malls, Maple City Antique Stores, Maple City Michigan Collectibles, Maple City Collectibles Mall, Maple City Collectibles Store
  Dog Ears Books  106 Waukazoo St.  Northport 49670  Phone: (231)386.7209   upgrade
Northport Michigan Antiques, Northport Antiques, Northport Antique Malls, Northport Antique Stores, Northport Michigan Collectibles, Northport Collectibles Mall, Northport Collectibles Store
Suttons Bay
  Chestnuts Consignment Shop  10566 Eckerle Rd  Suttons Bay 49682  Phone: (231) 271-0078   upgrade
  Red Ladder  326 St. Joseph St  Suttons Bay 49682  Phone: (231) 271-3231   upgrade
  Suttons Bay Galleries  102 Jefferson  Suttons Bay 49682  Phone: (231) 271-4444   upgrade
Suttons Bay Michigan Antiques, Suttons Bay Antiques, Suttons Bay Antique Malls, Suttons Bay Antique Stores, Suttons Bay Michigan Collectibles, Suttons Bay Collectibles Mall, Suttons Bay Collectibles Store