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Sanilac County

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 Gull Cottage Antiques, LLC
2096 S. Lakeshore Rd  Applegate 48401
M25 just north of Applegate Rd
Phone: (810) 622-9883

Open April through October
Saturday & Sunday 11am - 5pm
Wed. - Friday, appt. or chance, 12 to 5pm
Look for me working in the garden!
Antiques: Pieces of the Past that take America into the Future...
We specialize in fine quality early American primitives, both country painted as well as the more refined city furniture c.1750-1850. Items such as blanket boxes, chests, tables, cupboards, spinning wheels, winders and candle racks are generally in stock. We also have tinware, treenware, mirrors, antique prints including Currier & Ives, 18th - 19th century lighting, stoneware, yellowware and assorted smalls. You will also find children's items, authentic antique apparel and jewelry. We now offer a small section of vintage and antique garden items as well. Please visit our website for more information.
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