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The Library
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The Library is a collection of antique, collectible, vintage, repurposed and other resources from around the Internet that are grouped together alphabetically by subject.

Each Library page contains a list of resources that provide information on a particular subject. An individual Library page can be accessed using different key words describing that page's subject. Thus, some subjects have multiple keywords within the Library menu to allow for varied access to a page's content.

The menu to access The Library's subject pages is found on the left of each page.

The resources listed within the Library's subject pages were collected from a variety of sources and for a variety of reasons. The Library contains subjects like the following: Coins & Currency, Glassware, Ephemera, Pottery and more. Each Library page is not considered an 'exhaustive' list by any means, nor should "The Library" as a whole be considered complete. So, if you have a subject or a resource that you think should be found within 'The Library', please send us an email or contact us via Facebook to make your suggestion.

We hope that you find 'The Library' useful and that it will with help you in 'your love of the hunt' for the antique, collectible, vintage or repurposed treasure that you are looking for. Enjoy!