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  Thursday, December 1, 2011

Home Again - 'Recliners..'

Ghazal Sheei is a photographer and writer living in Milwaukee, WI. Her fascination for home interiors has inspired her blog Home Again. The friendly folks of Milwaukee have opened their doors to Ghazal and shared their ideas about home decor, showcasing an imaginative blend of comfort and cool.

The blog is a testimony that flea market and art, antiques and modern and everything in between can be mixed and served up in as many different ways as there are personalities. This is really great stuff! What follows is a small sampling of the inventive use of antiques to be found on the pages of the Home Again blog.

Home Again - 'Room Dividers'

Above: Card catalog files serve as a room divider. (...don't tell if you remember these...)
Below: The television stand is an old pharmacy counter.

Home Again - 'Recliners..'

Check out Ghazal's blog in its entirety for loads of inspiration. We like her blog a lot and have placed it in our blogroll. We'll be keeping an eye on Home Again. Thank you, Ghazal, and thank you to your ingenious friends in Milwaukee.

Best regards,

John & Leslie