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We are John and Leslie Victor of Zeeland, Michigan, sister city to Holland on the Lake Michigan shoreline. John is a software engineer and Leslie is a homeschooling mom who used to be an antiques / collectibles dealer. We have 5 children between the two of us and one big, lovable cat named Otis.


In the summer of 2003, we were dealers at several antiques and collectibles malls. John had written a web site for one of those malls and was looking for places on the Internet to link to that site. We couldn't find a site representing Michigan antiques malls that we liked. Thus, the idea for Michigan Antiques Directory (MAD) was born.


Michigan Antiques Directory is a Internet directory created to locate and advertise antiques & collectibles businesses found in the state of Michigan. Our unique map construction allows buyers to conduct their search based on their destination. Our full feature listings are packed with information, including links to a web site, email and maps. Extra details like the size of the store assist buyers in planning their trips and in maximizing the use of their time.


Our goal is to maintain an accurate, cost-effective and user friendly web site devoted to the promotion of antiques and collectibles stores and malls in the state of Michigan. In these days of tight budgets, high fuel prices and ever increasing pressures on our time, Michigan Antiques Directory truly has something to offer to owners and buyers alike.


Our length of time on the Internet and the effort we have put into search engine placement allows us to boast high rankings on all major search engines. We offer the benefits of our web site free to our users and at an outstandingly reasonable cost to our clients.


Thank you for visiting and browsing our web site. We would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have. Feel free to email us your thoughts. May Michigan Antiques Directory assist you in your "Love of the Hunt"!

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